Drinking Alkaline Water Side Effects – are they True or False???

Drinking Alkaline Water Side Effects

The “Dreaded” Side Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is all the rave with sports and health enthusiasts, but many people are left wondering if drinking alkaline water side effects are real and is there any benefits over ordinary water. Conducting any kind of research is sure to bring up a large amount of contradictory information on the subject and it can get rather confusing. This is a situation when you should consider who you are getting your information from and what their perspective would be.

There are also many new products and drinks that claim to help balance ph levels, even test kits where you can sample urine and check the results. This is rather pointless, the human body maintains its ph levels, which are usually alkaline, this is the same no matter what you eat or drink.

Drinking Alkaline Water Side Effects

Depending on who you ask, you may receive a very different opinion on Drinking Alkaline water side effects. If you were to ask a representative of the “Alkaline Water and pH Test Kit Emporium” if alkaline water is good for the health, you'd probably get the spiel on how it also cures cancer and promotes longevity.

If you were to ask your doctor, they might be somewhat less impressed and say the effects of alkaline water on the body are minimal, either beneficial or harmful .

It is a conundrum to be trusting these individual opinions as you never know if they are actually providing you with valid information based on medical perspective or just passing on a corporate message.

One thing that is for sure is that many people don't drink enough water and suffer for it, by consciously increasing the amount of water --any water-- a person drinks in a day an individual can be expected to experience many of the health benefits that alkaline water manufacturers claim are solely attributes of regular alkaline water intake.

So We Look at the Alkaline Water Facts

The more you look over the copious amounts of opposing claims you begin to notice that there is really no evidence that alkaline water is going to improve your health any more than regular water. This is the major discrepancy with the idea of alkaline water improving health:

The functioning human body is a conglomerate of many different individual functions that allow the conscious mind to operate oblivious of their existence. Functions like the regulation of blood pressure, heart rate, breathing patterns and many more are continuously in action to maintain the body's registers at optimal levels.

One of the plethora is the pH balance of the body regulated by the process of homeostasis, a process you have probably never thought much of. And why should you, it's all done automatically. The important thing is that it really needs no help it does just fine on its own and does find no matter what you eat or drink it will adjust the pH levels accordingly.

This is why the medical community is not as enthusiastic about alkaline water as other water bottling corporations would like them to be. As a matter of fact there may be reason to fear that drinking a continuous amount of alkaline water may hamper with the acidic elements of the stomach and digestive process. This in itself can lead to indigestion, at best.

Even still, this would mean that a sufficient quantity would need to be ingested with each meal to become a regular problem. As yet the hospitals have not been flooded with cases of alkaline water indigestion so it is doubtful that there is much to fear from drinking alkaline water even regularly. Testing for Acidic or Alkaline Urine

When these alkaline manufacturers invite you to “try the product and then test your urine and see if it has not made a difference”, you should remember that the pH level of your urine is only indicative of adjustments made by the body to maintain pH levels. What acids are needed are held onto and those that are not are released.

But if you really want Alkaline Water….

Don’t be chumped by these alkaline water device purveyors, I saw them hocking an ionizing water filter for $4,000 --Shameless! There is a much simpler way to create your own brand of alkaline water right in the comfort of your home.

Is Lemon Acid or Alkaline

All you will need is filtered water and a few lemons. Just slice the lemons into big circles and drop them into filtered/purified water. Although lemons are high in acid, they have an alkalizing effect on the water and make it taste like a nice restaurants water. You can complete the effect with a soothing addition, slice up some cucumbers and raw mint leaves and add them to the water as well for a relaxing all-day drink.

Other Ways to Improve your Health

It is only natural that when we have a bout of ill health we begin seeking high and low for remedies. However, most of the simplest cures and treatments lie in effecting the most basic health habits.

The best example of this is drinking more water, it is not uncommon to go from milk and coffee to tea and maybe a soft drink then more coffee, a cup of water at the cooler and then drinks with the boys cause it's Friday night. In all this we cut out a basic necessity of life, sufficient daily water intake.

The body is not made to consume anything but water, and although they won’t kill you (immediately) substituting this intake with any other beverage is doing your body damage.

Final Thought

Instead of investing in an expensive alkalizing water filter you might consider investing in a water purification system. Rather than concerning yourself with ions and pH levels concern yourself with minerals, metals and chemicals. Things like chlorine and fluoride really can kill you.

And if you are looking to improve your health and energy levels, it won't cost you a dime and is often just the smallest adjustments and personal health investments.

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